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50 states and not one is the same!

“America’, the “US” or “USA” is one of the most populous in the world with a population over 328 million. To date USA has the largest international student population, with over 1 million students choosing to continue their studies and experience life in America.

USA is truly huge. Each of its 50 states is unique. Its vastness sees a multitude of cultures, scenery, history and experiences. Travelling between states will see changes in dialects, accents, laws and politics!

Magical Scenery

Whether its riding like a cowboy, shopping in Rodeo Drive, skiing like a pro or riding the river rapids – the USA has it all! With incredibly beautiful and picturesque mountain ranges and vibrant forests, the US has 412 national parks covering 84 million acres of land to explore!

USA the unique!

Be prepared for some wonderful traditions and ways of doing things in America. Never forget to tip!  Although optional; restaurant, taxi and accommodation staff rely on tips to assist with their wages. The going rate is usually 15- 20% of the total bill. Driving is on the right, guns are important, they use the imperial system of measurement, food portions are massive, and Halloween is an amazing time to dress up and mingle with friends, peers and neighbours!

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